Lancement de la plateforme « Exploiter les talents »
Lancement de la plateforme « Exploiter les talents »
Dear members of the SMOR,

We are delighted to inform you of the launch the Harnessing Talent Platform (HTP), a centralised online hub providing relevant information, knowledge, and assistance to help EU regions dealing with demographic challenges to attract, develop and retain talent. The platform is part of the Talent Booster Mechanism proposed by the European Commission through the Communication on Harnessing Talent.

Here's what you can expect from the HTP in the near future:

Access to tailored technical assistance for regions dealing with demographic challenges and brain divide.
Working Groups exploring solutions for addressing common challenges related to demographic change and decline of tertiary educated population in the fields of Health, Digital, Research & Innovation and Territorial.
Events, workshops and webinars promoting dialogue, learning, and networking among platform users.
A dedicated helpdesk providing guidance and assistance to regions in need, ensuring prompt and effective support.
Access to a database of knowledge, information, and best practices related to addressing demographic change and talent development in regions.
Opportunities to showcase success stories, innovative approaches, and good practices, inspiring and motivating others.

As there will be several calls to be launched on the website in July and September, including one for direct support to regions, we would appreciate your help in sharing the news about the Platform with your Administrations and/or Managing Authorities you are in contact with either at national and/or regional level.

Inforegio - Harnessing Talent Platform (

Lancement de la plateforme « Exploiter les talents »
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